My Father had been in the trade since 1926 so my introduction to enamelling started early, watching my Dad at his work, spending time in the workshop from as young as eight or nine. Going in to work with Dad on a Saturday morning or during school holidays, it seemed natural to follow in his footsteps and at the age of fifteen I started full time work, working alongside my Father up until his retirement in 1983.

My training followed the traditional apprentice path; serving under masters as they themselves had done, passing down the skills that had been passed down for generations.

In my time I too continued this practice with my own apprentices.

My working life has been as a freelance enameller, designing and making my own pieces as well as working for various Designer Craftsman, Silversmiths, Goldsmiths and Jewellers, including the large London Jewell Houses.

I design and create individual pieces in silver and gold, specialising in Champlevé Enamelling. I incorporate finely hand engraved detail beneath the enamels to bring out the vibrancy and life of the subtly graded colours.

Even with a long and full enamelling career behind me, I still get excited about the look only enamel can bring to a piece. Engraving plays a large part in my work through the line of design and the use of different textures. The transparency and the clarity of the enamels reflecting back from a brightly engraved background still thrills.